Steve Nollau

Steve Nollau – Shopper Insights

Steve Nollau is the President and Chief Strategy Officer at Brädo Creative Insight, a strategic marketing research agency of which he is co-owner.”

The St. Louis-based agency, he says, is made up of Creative Strategists, by which he means people of diverse creative backgrounds. Their specialties include shopper insights, which identifies and evaluates such matters as the shopping experience, brand loyalty, and purchasing behavior of consumers. Brädo Creative Insight aims to help its clients maximize closure, transcend price and private label, earn retailer support, and build shopper affinity.

The company has four specific shopper insight processes:

Values Link Retail
Emotional Mapping
Touchpoint Maximizer
P2P Voice Check

Values Link® Retail identifies the optimum point of emotional appeal that products or services have with consumers. It’s what the company calls the “sweet spot,” the place where customer, retailer and brand values are in alignment, and shopper affinity and loyalty thrives.

Emotional Mapping identifies the emotional states shoppers have, and how they can fluctuate, along the path to purchase. Too often ignored, Brädo Creative Insight says that by understanding and speaking to these fluctuating emotions, clients can maximize their brand’s voice, and result in closed sales.

Steve Nollau has many years of experience in advertising, marketing, and brand strategy. As the designer and developer of his own food service concept, he also understands and appreciates front line marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri, where he earned a degree in journalism.

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