Steve Nollau

Steve Nollau: Non-Traditional Research

Steve Nollau spent the first part of his career in the world of advertising, marketing, and brand strategy. That experience has provided him with a broad and deep understanding of the industry, which informs him in his role as President and Chief Strategy Officer of Brädo Creative Insight.

Steve Nollau the co-owner of the St. Louis, Missouri-based Strategic Marketing Research Agency and Consultancy, which he formed with his best friend in 2002. “We started Brädo with just the two of us,” he recalls, “and a part time receptionist.” At first, Steve Nollau adds, the two of them did everything, but the business has grown to employ more than forty people and have sales of more than ten million dollars a year.

“Brädo’s success is directly attributable to the non-traditional nature of our research processes, and the quality and dedication of our people,” Steve Nollau says. “No one in the company is a classically trained researcher. Most of our people come from the ad agency world.”

Central to the Brädo approach is innovation, and this is what sets them apart from other marketing research agencies. Creative Insight, he explains, is the difference between ideas that can be acted upon, and those that spark a truly creative epiphany. Creative Insight fosters intuition for new product development and creative executions.

Steve Nollau says that the great thing about Brädo is that he gets to work with the most talented, passionate, and fun loving people that he has ever been around. As an added bonus, he calls his workplace the coolest office space he has ever had.

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