Steve Nollau

Steve Nollau: Friendship and Creative Insight

Steve Nollau President and Chief Strategy Officer of Brädo Creative Insight. He co-founded the company with his best friend, Bob Cuneo, who serves as President and Chief Creative Officer. Together, they have built one of the best market research agencies in the world.

Before Steve Nollau and Bob Cuneo co-founded Brädo Creative Insight, they both worked in the corporate side of advertising, Marketing and research.  The two had long spoken of going into business together. Common knowledge says that going into business can ruin even great friendships; they both feared that it could do just that so they resisted the temptation for many years. In 2002, however, they decided it was time to try.

Instead of destroying their friendship, Brädo Creative Insight has made their friendship even stronger. When speaking of the business and his friendship with Cuneo, Nollau said “It’s really been an incredible run for both the business and our friendship . . . we’re having a great time doing what we love.”

Both Nollau and Cuneo have grown exponentially since co-founding Brädo Creative Insight. They have created a market research agency that inspires rather than informs.  They have resurrected insight from a loosely identified idea that included everything from simple observations to quotes from a focus group, and successfully redefined it to help clients from around the world thrive. And they’ve done it all while remaining best friends.

Today, Brädo Creative Insight isn’t just two guys and a part-time receptionist, as it was in 2002. It’s now a company of almost 50 employees, including Steve Nollau and Bob Cuneo, and every one of them is passionate about what they do and why they do it. This wouldn’t be possible without a company culture that focuses not just on market research, but on creativity, insight, inspiration and most importantly, friendship.


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