Steve Nollau

Steve Nollau: The Power to Transform Brands

Bob Cuneo and Steve Nollau co-founded Brädo Creative Insight in 2002 after working in corporate marketing and advertising for many years. Rather than simply build a company that follows a traditional format, they created a multi-million-dollar agency that transforms brands with true creative insight.

The power of creative insight to transform brands is among the foundational beliefs that helped Steve Nollau and Bob Cuneo build Brädo. This belief steps away from the traditional approach of simply informing the client, and shifts the focus to inspiration.

Brädo’s mission isn’t just to inspire clients. Nollau, Cuneo and the team at Brädo Creative Insight believe that its role is to inspire each other, to solve really challenging marketing problems with passion and very hard work.

With this expansive approach, the company culture at Brädo engages employees, giving them the power to transform brands by seeding inspiration from within, building unwavering integrity and creating a team of individuals that support each other.

Likewise, Brädo inspires clients to do what is right for their brands, make important – sometimes scary – decisions and implement transformative solutions. Clients are encouraged to open their minds to fresh methodologies, think to the future of their companies and do what is necessary to get the best, most impactful creative work from their ad agencies.

When summarizing Brädo Creative Insight, Steve Nollau captured its essence, its secret to success, perfectly by saying: “I get to work with the most talented, passionate and fun loving people I have ever been around, in the coolest office space I’ve ever worked in. And, I can legitimately say that we are one of the best in the world at what we do. It doesn’t get any better.”

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